Seven Financial Questions to Ask Your Aging Parents

July 31, 2018By Chris TurnerResources

“Let’s talk about your finances.” Hearing that can cause your parents’ wall to come up, like most people may.  It can be a difficult conversation to have at any age or with anyone, especially when that conversation is with your aging parents in preparation for long-term care. When it comes time to have this very … Read More

Staying Sharp: Why Online Courses Are Ideal for Seniors

July 24, 2018By Chris TurnerSenior Health

Article by Annie Coop The future of education is changing, thanks to online learning. Issues such as accessibility and distance have long put educational rights on the back burner, but online learning addresses all these. A common misconception, however, is that it remains too selective with its students, particularly with regard to the less technologically … Read More

Five Ways Socialization Benefits Older Adults

July 17, 2018By Chris TurnerSenior Health

When a senior joins an independent or assisted living community, they gain more than just a new living situation. Socializing can do a lot for us as we age. For most children and young adults, social interaction comes easy and feels natural. With age, making friends and building relationships with other people tends to get harder and … Read More

Independent Living Crooner Party

December 7, 2017By Chris TurnerNews

Crooner Era Themed Party at Peachtree Independent LivingThe Independent Living Party was a success! Our Independent Living residents enjoyed a special evening of dinner and dancing with their families on a beautiful day in November.  The music and decorations were themed around the Crooner Music era. The Crooner Music era saw the likes of Frank … Read More

Holiday Shopping Market and Vendor Showcase

November 6, 2017By Chris TurnerNews

Kick off your holiday shopping, with Peachtree Senior Living! A great selection of vendors with a wide variety of products will be on hand! Enjoy some festive refreshments and holiday music while you shop! This shopping event will be held on November 29th from 9am to 11am. Please call Mandy Doster at (205) 790-1469 for … Read More

Senior Wellness Fair at Peachtree Independent Living Building

November 1, 2017By Chris TurnerNews

Peachtree invites you to attend the Senior Wellness Fair at the Independent Living building on November 15th from 9-11 AM.  Local vendors who focus on all aspects of senior living and wellness will be there. We will also provide refreshments and offering door prizes. Get the details in the downloadable flyer below.Peachtree Senior Living Wellness Fair … Read More

Happy Halloween & Happy Residents

October 27, 2017By Chris TurnerNews

Our staff and several of the residents took part in Halloween festivities during the past week at Peachtree Senior Living. Residents got to enjoy music, costumes, and a party to celebrate the holiday.  

Bluegrass, Blue Jeans & BBQ

September 27, 2017By Chris TurnerNews

Peachtree Senior Living is holding a Bluegrass, Blue Jeans & BBQ on Friday, October 6, 2017 11 a.m. – 1 p.m.  Join us at Peachtree Senior Living at 3740 Eagle Drive, Trussville, Alabama, 35173. Residents and guest will enjoy bluegrass music at 11am with lunch served at 12pm. Interested in attending? Please RSVP to Mandy … Read More

Peachtree Senior Prom – September 14th

September 21, 2017By Chris TurnerNews

Did you attend your Junior or Senior prom? Well, for some of the seniors that call Peachtree Senior Living in Alabama home, this important teenage experience never came to fruition. Whether due to family situations, financial needs or simply choosing not to attend, many residents missed out. As our care teams talked with residents it became … Read More