Father’s Day Tribute – Nelson Lawley

June 16, 2017By peachadminUncategorized

When my sister and I discussed what we most admired about our Dad,  we both agreed it was the loving care he showed to our Mom in her later years.  Even before she was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, he was taking care of most of the housework. Then, as Mother’s condition deteriorated, he took over all … Read More

Father’s Day Tribute – Bill Dunston

May 29, 2017By peachadminUncategorized

As the first grandchild and the only girl, my “PawPaw” and I always had a special relationship. He had a reputation for being ornery but I saw a side of him most others did not see. He played with dolls, had tea parties and took me on shopping trips. We both enjoyed decorating and he … Read More