Did you attend your Junior or Senior prom? Well, for some of the seniors that call Peachtree Senior Living in Alabama home, this important teenage experience never came to fruition. Whether due to family situations, financial needs or simply choosing not to attend, many residents missed out. As our care teams talked with residents it became apparent that we had an opportunity to make a difference by giving the community the chance to experience a “Senior Prom” for the first time or relive the experience for others.

How’d this come about?

When the Executive Director, Karen Catate, heard one of her residents didn’t attend her high school senior prom because they couldn’t afford a dress, she got to work.  Soon after posting a request and sharing her story, Karen was inundated with volunteers from the Trussville area to help put on a prom.  And put on a prom they did!

With memory care and support being important to seniors’ well-being, holding this prom was a great opportunity to take a trip down memory lane while also making new, beautiful memories.

A huge THANK YOU to the people of Trussville! You are all appreciated very much!

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